Saturday Yoga 週六瑜珈

台灣會館每週六上午10:00-12:00為社區朋友安排身心舒緩瑜珈,放鬆每日勞動後緊繃的肢體與心靈。Yoga on cruise

時間: 每週六 10:00-12:00

費用: $13/堂,一次報名10堂課$120

我們的老師:Florence Hsieh

Florence 謝老師已有25多年的瑜珈修行和10多年教學經驗. 2004年完成 200小時的師資認證培訓課程. 在瑜珈修行的這條道路上,每一堂課,每一位同學都是她的學習對象,學生就是自我的一面鏡子,呼吸的紊亂、比較心的升起、無法專注在當下、勉強自己身體能承受的極限,種種心性的考驗在瑜珈墊上不斷發生。瑜珈境地的終途–三摩地之路遙遠無窮盡,對於體位法的精進和內觀的功課,她仍舊以最謙卑的態度持續修練。感恩過去所有老師的引領和教導,承載著老師傳授的滿滿寶庫,她期許自己能不斷的思考和誠實的反省,將感受到的瑜珈美好和益處,再同樣無私的分享給所有的學生。


Time: Every Saturday 10:00-12:00

Payment: $13/per class, $120/10 classes

Teacher Introduction: Florence Hsieh
       Florence Hsieh is a certified yoga teacher in New York. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at New York Yoga in 2004. She has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years and has been teaching yoga for more than 10 years. Florence  leads thoughtful and challenging vinyasa classes that encourage students to find honesty, openness, and attention to their own work. Her teaching infuses her interest in so many aspects and traditions of yoga, with the power and beauty of the breath underlying all. She teaches precision without rigidity, freedom along with restraint, and compassion always. Florence believes a yoga practice can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, health status, or “flexibility.” Yoga has been a grounding and uplifting force in Florence own life, and for this she is grateful each day. Yoga is not only her asana practice, but the way she lives her life as well as spiritual support. As both a teacher and student, she is constantly reminded of all that she still hopes to learn. From the bottom of her heart, Florence thanks all of her teachers and students, past, present, and future. Indeed, she believes all living beings are our teachers.