Aug-Sep《舞動好心情》工作坊 Healing Dance Workshop (Cancelled)




【Workshop cancellation notice】

“Healing Dance workshop” on Saturday, September 14 at 2:30 PM has been cancelled.

Since the activity needs to meet the minimum number of participants to have the class, it is confirmed that the number is not enough. The students who have signed up will be contact by phone. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

(A) 一般大眾班

9/14 (週六) 下午2:30 – 4:00
票價:$15元;會員、學生$10元 *兩人同時報名可享8折優惠
地點:台灣會館 137-44 Northern Blvd., Flushing NY 11354



⾃由舞者、舞蹈老師、實習舞蹈治療師,長期旅居在德國。出生於台灣桃園, 從小習舞,大學就讀於台北藝術大學舞蹈系,2012年考上德國知名的埃森福克旺藝術⼤學,於2016年取得舞蹈學士學位。現於德國海德堡應用科技大學(SRH University Heidelberg)攻讀舞蹈治療研究所 ,並在今年2019的夏天,跟隨指導教授前來紐約,於上東區的紐約長老會醫院(New York-Presbyterian Hospital)進行創意藝術治療的實習。

(A) Dance Healing Workshop-General public

Date:Sep 14 (Sat)2:30-4:00 pm
Ticket:$15;Member, Student $10 *Get 20% off, when two people sign up together.
Location:Taiwan Center (137-44 Northern Blvd., Flushing NY 11354)
Costume:comfortable top & moveable pants

Does the fast-paced New York life make you feel stressed? Nowadays, it is hard to keep our work and our personal lives separate. Therefore, in the blurring boundary between life and work, stress management is what modern people need to learn. This summer, Taiwan Center has invited Yun Ju Chen, a professional dance instructor who has been trained in Germany will lead you to relax your stressed and anxious, and healing your body and soul.

Workshop introduction:

No dance background needed. In the workshop, the instructor will guide the students to use imagination to open up their mind and body to new possibilities, and cultivating awareness with themselves and others. Also, dance does not only help improve physical health but also can help stress-reducing, self-healing, and rejuvenating.

Instructor:Yun Ju Chen

Yun Ju Chen is a Germany-based freelance dancer, dance instructor, and practice dance therapist. She was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan and started dance when she was 4 years old. Yun Ju studied dance at the Taipei National University of the Art, and attended the Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany in 2012, and earned the bachelor degree in dance in 2016. Currently, she is a M.A. candidate, majoring in Dance therapy at SRH Heidelberg Hochschule. This summer, she follows the mentoring professor to New York to practice creative arts therapy at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in the Upper East Side.


(B) 台灣會館老人中心會員班

8/21, 8/28, 9/4, 9/11 (週三) 下午3:15 – 4:15
票價: 免費

台灣會館老人中心本次特別邀請陳允如老師,來帶領老人中心的會員們一起快樂跳舞,放鬆身心靈。本次工作坊將維持四個禮拜(8/21, 8/28, 9/4, 9/11),並在每個禮拜三的下午3:15-4:15舉行,歡迎會員踴躍參加。