10/27/19 Sun. 大學升學講座 College Admission Seminar



  1. 美國的大學有哪些類型
  2. 大學類型各不相同
  3. 大學如何選擇學生
  4. 如何為升學做準備
  5. 如何申請大學
  6. 獎學金及助學金        …和更多!



王稚鶴目前任教於湯森哈里斯(Townsend Harris)高中,為中英文雙語輔導老師。他在紐約市教育局供職已經超過20年, 並有與初中和高中不同年齡階段青少年的工作經驗,其中八年,他任職於皇后區的216初中, 九年在史岱文森擔任大學升學指導。今年是他在湯森哈里斯任輔導教師暨升學指導的第五年。


他對學生的教學熱忱及對自己工作的敬業精神,王稚鶴在學生、家長和同事中贏得高度的讚譽。 2003年他獲得由紐約市教育局和紐約教師工會聯合頒發的年度「最佳輔導教師」。此外,為表彰他對華人社區的貢獻,2008年華人家長會(CAPA)授予他「傑出領導」的榮譽。




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College Admission Seminar

What you will learn:

  1. What Kind of Colleges Are Available
  2. Colleges Differ Widely
  3. How Do Colleges Select Students
  4. Preparing for College
  5. Applying to Colleges
  6. Scholarships and Financial Aid             …and more!


About Special Guest Speaker-Jeremy Wang:

Jeremy Wang is currently a bilingual (English/Chinese) guidance counselor at Townsend Harris High School at Queens College. He has been a guidance counselor for over 20 years at the New York City Department of Education. Mr. Wang is an experienced guidance counselor at both high school and middle school levels. Since 1998, he has worked at George J. Ryan Middle School 216, Fresh Meadows for eight years; Stuyvesant High School for nine years between 2006 and 2015. It is his 5th successful year at Townsend Harris High School at Queens College.

Mr. Wang has collaborated with the UFT Guidance Chapter and Queens UFT by conducting and translating numerous parent workshops on a variety of guidance topics at his schools, districts, as well as at the borough and city levels. He firmly believes that a successful school counseling department is an integral component of a successful school. He also thinks a successful school needs to serve the needs of its community.

As a result of his enthusiastic services to his students, coupled with his dedication to the profession, he earned a strong reputation and respect from school administrators, teachers, students, and their parents. In June 2003, he was recognized as “Guidance Counselor of the Year” by the UFT and New York City Department of Education. In November 2008, he received the “Outstanding Leadership Award” by the Chinese American Parent Association (CAPA) for his continuous contributions to his local community.

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10.27.19 College Admission Seminar(1)

10.27.19 College Admission Seminar(1)